Professional Coaching

Doubt and fear keep you stuck.

Every day is the same. You wake up, go through the same process, and see the same results.

You have “great” friends and a “great” life, but under that are all the doubts and fears you have carried for years. No one truly wants to hear you complain about the past. The responses you hear are “Grow up, get over it, or keep going.” But man, does that get old.

You might even get that next great job or relationship, but you know it means more work and more stress to endure. You think, “When will it all end, and when will I find peace and happiness?” You want to find those things but have no idea what to do next.

Reach out and leverage me as your coach to turn that corner in your life.

Coaching makes a difference!

Working with a coach helps you get unstuck.

Name a successful person who did not have at least one coach helping them.

If you are not where you need to be or want to be, let’s discuss what hurdles keep you from moving forward and build a plan to overcome those hurdles.

Often, just having a fresh and well-trained set of eyes helping you is all you need.

Now here is the WHY ME part.

I have a unique background and skill set that I will bring to your problems. That skill set includes being a West Point Army Captain, Fortune 500 manager/leader, building successful sales companies, and practicing therapist. After over 10 years of therapy experience and 30 years of working with people, I am at your disposal.

I have raised two great kids with my wife of nearly 30 years and would love to help you through all that life keeps throwing at you.

We will sit down and map out your current life and the life that brought you to this point. Then, we will help you overcome the mental barriers holding you back.

Life isn’t the challenge, even though it is challenging. Your deepest inner beliefs are what keep strangling you, and we will find those beliefs and change them. Over a few sessions, you will see a new way to approach life and truly start living the life you want.

Let’s start now. Schedule a free 20-minute consult here.