Individual Therapy

Struggling alone is a lonely feeling.

You can’t understand why life is like this. Each day is a struggle, yet you must pretend that everything is OK because that seems like the “right” thing to do.

But boy, is it hard to keep pretending, hiding that depression and anxiety. Maybe today will be better, but we both know it won’t.

Today will be more of the same old struggles and wearing that mask to ensure everyone else is OK even though you aren’t.

Don’t you wish someone would truly see and hear you for a change?

Therapy helps those willing to change.

It is always great when people walk in and tell me therapy does not work or that they have already tried it but are lost. Why? Their willingness to say this shows how much they want to change.

During our therapy sessions, we will talk, and you will feel seen and heard.

Then, a few sessions later, I love hearing those same people tell me how I am not like any therapist they know.

My clients tell me how helpful it has been to learn how their past still impacts them, but that does not need to be the case.

Seeking therapy eliminates struggling alone.

Therapy is challenging, especially with a direct ex-Army guy who turned therapist late in life. But it is an invaluable tool to help you.

Everyone deserves a chance to talk through what they want to discuss and have someone who truly hears them and helps guide them toward where they want to go.

Any time you feel stuck or need support, therapy can help you. When you start individual therapy, it is truly all about you, your struggles, and where you want to go.

We will focus on your needs and develop a plan specific to you around how to address your past, present, and future.

Let’s get started now. Sign up for your free 20-minute consult here.