Faith and Values vs. FEARS

You want to believe, but in what?

The church may have been great while growing up, but now it has so many little secrets. Although you feel stuck, you keep going because you must go.

You believe in what you are told to and attend church because otherwise, it will make everyone mad at you. How are you supposed to live out your faith or really understand it when you see the disconnect from all the hidden little secrets behind the show?

There is no reason to express your questions or frustrations because no one wants to hear them. Therefore, you keep your thoughts and doubts to yourself.

The faith of your youth may not be sustaining.

Sometimes, the faith and religion you grew up with can turn dark and evil.

No one wants to challenge the church leadership because, of course, it is your fault. You can’t stop thinking about the physical, sexual, emotional, or mental abuse you went through and what you did to deserve it. Where was God in all this?

Where do you turn now? Mostly, you put your head down and try and pretend that it did not happen or won’t happen again. Then, it does, or even if it doesn’t physically happen anymore, you mentally relive it nearly every day.

You think, “No one will hear me or believe me.”

I hear you!

I genuinely love digging into those frustrations and questions that keep bothering you. We will address the trauma you experienced and determine the best ways to free you from that pain.

You might have enjoyed growing up in a faith-filled religious family where love shined. Now, you have your own family or want to move out and start your own life. How will your faith work for you now?

Departing home is a huge change; it can often impact your beliefs and how you live them out.

I would love to help you move into that next phase of your life where you take the positives around faith that you grew up in and ensure they are a part of your future.

Living by faith is a challenge daily.

Your faith and values should be what drive your every action. However, far too many people are confused about what those terms mean. People learn how to act in religious settings but act entirely differently in other situations.

Life becomes about a performance where people match the values displayed around them. It would be great to feel like you could stand on your values and faith and truly understand what those meant to you.

Let’s discuss what you have learned about faith and religion and how they apply to you. That way, we can find the source of your struggles and confusion. Gaining understanding can help free you from the trauma you experienced or help you relook at your existing beliefs.

Once we gain a clear picture of your experiences and concerns, we can start to build a path forward where you do not feel tied to the actions and “rules” of others but can operate from a pure faith that you truly understand and believe.

Let’s start now. Schedule a free 20-minute consult here.