Finding resolution requires work.

If now is the time to be heard and seen so you can put away that mask of being ok, then we have the right conditions to get together and work. And my clients will tell you that you will work when you come to the office or work virtually with me.

We might vent for a while or go at it to find the answers to your struggles. Either way, we will find a path forward for you so that you can separate your past from your present and future.

It is your therapy and your journey. My role is to encourage and push you.

Bring some water (I often have some available) because therapy requires a lot of mental and sometimes physical work. In addition, bring your journal, favorite playlist, or anything else that helps you get to the real you – because that is the person I want to meet.

Learn to live your extraordinary life to the fullest.

It is time to stop just surviving daily and start living the way you want. I would love to be your guide in that effort.

As that guide and therapist, I love pushing people to help them get to where they want to go. Often, I will sit and listen and give you the time and space you need and have never received. It’s your agenda.

We will sometimes go back and forth over what has happened to you and how those lessons learned are still impacting you. But at the end of the session, you will see how I make therapy unique for you as each client is different.

About Me

Serving people is my mission.

As a graduate of West Point, I served on active duty for six years. After my military service, I spent nearly 25 years in corporate leadership or running a small business.

While working with people in those endeavors, I returned to college and received my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. In addition, I have skills as a CCTP-II (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II) and EMDR-Trained narrative therapist.

If you don’t find me in my office…

…look out back, as I am likely on my tractor or finding ways to tear stuff up. If you are curious about the picture, this is my son on an International H that my grandpa purchased new in 1947.

I also enjoy sports, video games, and exercise.