Family Therapy for Parents of Teens

Parenting teens is full of challenges.

Almost all parents want what’s best for their kids but struggle with how to act on that desire.

As kids grow up, they become inclined to push their limits and their parents’ boundaries. That behavior creates a natural tension in every family out there. But as a parent, what do you do with that tension?

Your kids want independence, to have friends, and to talk with you less and less.

Are you about ready to give it all up? Nothing works. You love your child but are not sure that anything will ever get better.

Parents feel defeated.

Parents watch as their kids steam full ahead into trouble such as bad grades, drugs, bad friends, sex, unhealthy relationships, and a host of other things.

Knowing how to help them meet those challenges is difficult, especially if your response to them creates further alienation.

Things for your kids seem even worse as the world right now seems to support the kid over your ability to parent. Emphasizing your kid’s rights is fine until they get in trouble. Then, it’s back to being your problem.

So, what can a parent do?

Family therapy helps parents meet the challenges.

There are thousands of self-help books, and you might have tried most of them. Let’s sit down and work through specific ideas for your teen.

You might meet with therapist Jody or Ex-Captain Frey (both me), but we will take a practical approach to find a way for you to build that relationship again with your teen so you can start parenting again in a healthy manner. Remember, it is never too late to create the relationship you want.

Over the first several sessions, we will walk through the relationship you have right now with your teen and explore in detail how that relationship came to be. As we gain that understanding, I will challenge you (as much as your teen) to honestly look inwards to see if you are an effective parent.

Then, we will make those adjustments so that you do become effective toward achieving your goals with your teen.

Parents, don’t feel defeated – I am here to help!

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