Christian Counseling

Life’s experiences can influence our view of God.

Various themes about God come up in my conversations with clients as they struggle with their current life. Some may voice hate for God; others blame God for their situation; some may proclaim that God does not exist.

Many people were forced to believe something about their faith. As teens, they could quickly see how two-faced this faith was because others always told them their faith and values, but they were never allowed to question them.

Until your faith is tested…

On the flip side of the above religious struggle involves growing up in a great home where you could question and still feel the love of those around you. Faith may or may not have been a significant emphasis in those homes, but you felt that love and wondered how and why it was there and if it was even real.

But then life hits, and you lose the love of your life, or you get fired. People turn on you because you made a personal decision they did not like. Where do you turn then? Can you still trust those values and that faith you once had?

Faith is hard, especially in today’s world.

Perhaps growing up, others force-fed you what to believe, or you now have your problems as you struggle out in the “real” world.

You feel alone as everyone tells you not to be one of “those” types of people. But you are not alone.

I love being an equal-opportunity-offender because it helps us deconstruct what causes us to struggle – understanding what causes you to feel a certain way will help you embrace your personal beliefs.

Understanding why you believe a particular way may make you take a hard turn. Suddenly, you might realize your need to change when faced with the reality that you do not understand what you believe or even the source of those beliefs.

Maybe it is time to come to a clear understanding.

Reaching out for help with your values and faith is one of the best things you will ever do; the sooner, the better.

We will discuss how your current faith developed and what happened along the way.

Then, we will challenge that past and build a healthy set of values around your faith that exists right now.

Christian Counseling can help sort through how life experiences helped mold your faith perspective.

It would be my privilege to walk with you as you navigate your faith path.

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