Couples Therapy

Start early and build the right relationship.

Some couples say, “We are in love with each other. Our relationship is great when it is good, BUT we always fight. I can’t figure out what I do wrong that causes us to fight consistently. Why can’t they understand me?”

Many couples feel lost or at the end of their rope regarding how to build the relationship they want.

Far too few of these couples had great role models to teach them how to build and have a successful relationship. They develop bad habits in their relationships that hinder them over time, causing them to wonder, “Why can’t we get along?”

Unfortunately, many couples seek help as a last resort after trying everything and realizing that nothing seems to work.

Now, let’s try something that truly works. Let’s unlearn the past things we have been operating on and learn new ways to build that healthy relationship.

Couples therapy helps you build the right relationship.

Couples therapy provides a safe place to have those challenging discussions with a neutral therapist guiding those discussions. The process focuses on addressing existing problems and building positive relationships.

We will dig into what is driving the struggles in your relationship and find healthier ways to work together. The results are amazing regarding what comes up through guidance that helps you focus on an intense yet productive discussion about your relationship.

Our goal is to help you build skills that will allow you to continue to have the relationship you want rather than consistently struggling and feeling drained day in and day out.

Most of my clients walk in thinking they have a communication problem and leave understanding how to tackle the fears driving that communication challenge.

Start the discussion about building the right relationship.

My approach is to get to know each of you and learn how you think. From there, we will figure out how to work together.

During that process, we will work through that fear driving your struggles and move you beyond a fear-based relationship to the relationship you have always hoped you would have.

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