Abuse Stole Your Life from You

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You didn’t deserve what happened to you.

But it did happen, and it haunts you.

That event from your past is now impacting every aspect of your life.

Your radar is constantly on high alert, and everyone is now a threat.

It’s hard for you to build relationships because you don’t trust anyone – including yourself.

The weight of your past is crushing you.

Every day you put on your mask and pretend things are okay.

It takes everything you’ve got just to make it through the day without a breakdown.

Your family/significant other all thinks you are fine and does not know what is really going on.

Your job or school think you are a little distracted.

It’s time to resolve the pain of your past once and for all.

I provide a fresh way of approaching you and your experiences

Through narrative trauma-focused therapy, we will resolve that pain.

We might crank some music, draw the pain, or go break some stuff. But we will find a way that works for you to release that pain.

Each client is unique so each treatment must be unique to you. There is no canned approach here.

You deserve to enjoy your life freely.

You haven’t enjoyed your life since things went wrong but when we help you move through the pains of the past you will find your freedom.

Your past is just that: yours. Let’s get it to stay in the past, so it stops haunting your future.

Getting that pain out completely and in a healthy way will free you and allow you to live freely.

Take the first step.

Once you allow your past to remain in the past, you can take off the mask.

Without the weight of that mask and all the lies you have to tell, you will feel what it is like to make each decision based on your values and not your fears.

The fears will fade away and life will become enjoyable again.

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